About Us

An Educational Mobile Application specifically designed to teach English through Dari for Afghan women. 

About us 

Amoozesh App is an educational platform specifically designed for Afghans to learn English through Dari. Our primary goal is to provide equal access to education for all Afghans specifically Afghan women and children, regardless of their background or circumstances. 

At Amoozesh we believe that education is a fundamental right, and everyone should have access to quality learning resources. Therefore, our mission is to bridge educational gaps, promote personal growth, and unlock new opportunities for individuals across Afghanistan.

Amoozesh App offers a user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources that enable learners to master English while utilizing their native Dari language. By breaking language barriers, we're empowering Afghans to unlock new opportunities and pursue personal growth. We understand the unique challenges and aspirations of Afghan learners. Our content is specifically designed to address the requirements of Afghan students, taking into consideration cultural nuances, language proficiency levels, and educational priorities. Join us on this transformative educational journey by downloading and promoting Amoozesh app.

Founder and CEO

Zakia Maryam Najafizada, the founder and CEO of the Amoozesh App, is on a mission to provide education to all Afghans, with a particular focus on empowering women and girls. Born as a refugee in Pakistan in 2001, Zakia's journey led her to Mazar, Afghanistan, where she developed a deep desire to contribute to her home country.

Zakia's education took a transformative turn when she attended ISK International School of Kabul on a full scholarship. She thrived in an environment that encouraged academic growth and the breaking of traditional norms.

However, in 2014, the closure of ISK left Zakia without a supportive community. Determined to continue her educational mission, Zakia enrolled in Rabia-e-Balkhi, a governmental school in Kabul. During her time there, she taught math, English, and computer skills to financially disadvantaged Afghan girls, aiming to bridge the educational gap.

After completing her college education in Germany, Zakia got accepted as a full Scholarship student majoring in Computer Science in Methodist University. 

In the wake of the Taliban's takeover, where universities for women and schools for girls over the sixth grade were banned, Zakia created the Amoozesh App. The app serves as a lifeline, reaching out to women and girls in Afghanistan, providing them with the education they are denied.

Through the Amoozesh App, Zakia Maryam Najafizada is determined to empower Afghan women and girls, offering them access to education despite the challenges they face. Her commitment to transforming lives and building a brighter future in Afghanistan remains unwavering.

Content Creator

Sadaf Azimi

A talented content creator and language enthusiast who has made significant contributions to the field of education. Having studied Chinese language at Kabul University, Sadaf's passion for languages and culture led her on a remarkable journey of personal and professional growth. Currently, Sadaf serves as a financial manager in a prominent NGO in Afghanistan, where she utilizes her financial acumen to support various humanitarian initiatives. On the side, Sadaf Azimi is our remarkable content creator for Amoozesh

Social Media Director

Fatima Sadat

Our Social Media Director at Amoozesh. Studying Business Administration with a focus on Human Resources Management at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada. Fatima is dedicated to reaching Amoozesh to all Afghans in need. With her expertise in social media marketing, she connects with our community and spreads awareness about the power of education. Her efforts have made a significant impact, empowering learners and offering hope for a brighter future in Afghanistan. 

Web Developer

Farhat Joyan

Farhat Joyan, the Web Developer of Amoozesh, is studying Information Technology at the American University of Afghanistan, Doha, Qatar. She is concentrating in Data Science and minoring in Math. Through her commitment toward bringing an educational hope for Afghan women, she has developed and will maintain Amoozesh website a user-friendly page accessible for all Afghan women. Through her passion for technology and education, Farhat continues to be a driving force in Amoozesh's mission of bridging the educational gap.


Zuhal Hashemi

Zuhal Hashemi, our proficient Accountant at Amoozesh, holds a BBA from Kateb University in Kabul, Afghanistan, bringing a wealth of financial expertise to our team. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to accuracy, Zuhal manages all accounting functions, ensuring financial transparency and compliance. Her dedication to maintaining precise records aligns seamlessly with Amoozesh's mission, contributing to the organization's financial health and overall success.

Fundraising Coordinator 

Maryam Sadr

 A graduate in Economics from the American University of Beirut, she possesses a deep understanding of financial trends and market analysis, crucial for effective fundraising.

Currently pursuing her MBA at the American University of Central Asia, she brings a strategic approach to our fundraising initiatives. Her role involves identifying donors, organizing events, and building lasting relationships with benefactors. Her expertise not only enhances our fundraising strategies but also significantly contributes to Amoozesh's growth and sustainability.

Human Resource Manager 

Meghrik Ajzajian

A dynamic professional with roots in both Armenia and Lebanon. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a Pre-Law focus at Methodist University. In her role, she skillfully applies her knowledge of legal frameworks and political science to effectively manage our workforce. Her expertise is especially valuable in areas such as policy formulation, employee relations, and legal compliance, ensuring our organization's smooth and ethical operation.

Her pursuit of a Pre-Law track underlines her deep interest in the intricacies of law, a significant asset in navigating the legal aspects of human resources. This background also instills a strong sense of justice and fairness, essential qualities for an HR professional.